The company has powerful production facilities located in Golesh the industrial area of the town of Stara Zagora with total area of 56000 sq.m. including build-up area of 8000 sq.m. - which provides the production of concrete mixtures, reinforcement, steel structures and reinforced concrete elements, a mosaic tiles line, different types of joinery, storage, etc.
There is also a specialized car and machinery fleet with motor repair shop, storages and petrol station, an automated line for production of grinded mosaic plates, aluminum joinery work.
The Linear Concrete Mixing Center of type ELBA ELMC 38 is with a capacity to produce 30 m3 concrete mixture per hour, respectively 480 m3 at two-shift operation duty per day.
The company has its own mechanization: auto cranes, tower cranes, excavating machines, bulldozers, shovel loaders, rollers, concrete pump trucks, and dumpers, transport trucks and platform lorry trucks, etc. which enables any construction works to be executed by company's own efforts.